For our corporate clients, Lalala aims to be more than a supplier. In order to give quick answers, we need to team up with you and become an extension of the marketing department. The purpose is to help in a wide range of “last minute” task,task, from merchandising, design and graphic production until the completion of a corporate video and, of course, the organization of your events. The idea is to establish close relationships and that you can count on our experience in everything you need.

In Lalala we are aware of the importance of every particular event: your wedding, First Holy Communion or a birthday party … We will enthusiastically accompany you in every step: from the choice of the perfect space, decorating ideas, menu, wedding gown choice, florist… Social events require a very particular care. They are very special days which will always be remembered. They are also causes of jitters so we put all our professionalism to create a positive experience from start to finish.


Some events require “effective branding” for extra visibility, as well as its own entity and web page. In this sense, Lalala can support you to carve out a strong identity (from creating a website, corporate image, online marketing, press office, newsletters, SEO and more).